Monday, February 28, 2011

How To Find & Get Federal Income Tax Forms Since The IRS Stopped Mailing Them

In case you didn't notice the Internal Revenue Service is no longer mailing out the tax booklets that contain most of the income tax forms you used the prior year. This was done to save money on mailing and printing, but don't panic. This is a guide on how to locate and get the forms you need.

Find Printed Paper Forms

If you still want to file paper forms and don’t want to use your paper and printer, then finding a walk-in IRS center is the best solution and you can get your forms there. This is the IRS local office locator. You can type in your zip code and mileage search radius to locate the nearest walk-in center.

Find The Forms You Need Online On The Internet

The Internal Revenue Service website has all of the federal income tax forms you need online. The forms and publications area is where you need to go to find the forms and other documents you require. There are 3 sections dedicated the forms you need.The first section has down PDF versions of the forms that you can print out. Another section has the instructions for the forms and these can be lengthy so you may want to read them online instead of printing them.

Read the sections on 2010 Taxes – Tax Credits and Deductions Changes,  Tax Advice for Americans Working Overseas and IRS Mailing Address – Form 1040.

There is a separate option and area for online viewing of the information you need.

Get Income Tax Forms Mailed To You

There is still an option to get forms mailed to you with 10 to 15 days by doing a search on the forms you want and click a check box by the forms you need. The IRS will send 2 copies of each for to the address you specify.

One rule of thumb is to use your prior years return as a guide to know which forms to get this year.